Bad weather or excessive heat/cold won't shut it down. Very comfortable to be a vendor or a customer.

Every Saturday all year long. Vendor agreements allow for you to run your booth, consignment so your merchandise is there every day (but you don't have to be there every day) or drop in on any given Saturday that works for you. Come in, set up, sell, pack up, go- no need for a monthly spot.

Permanent location at 149 South Elm Street in Haughton. It's the metal building with the big American flag on it at the corner of Hwy 157 and West Jackson , just south of the RR tracks. EVERY SATURDAY FROM 10 AM TO 6 PM.

Antiques, Christmas and holiday items, author book signing, tech accessories, home decor, clothing, handmade crafts: and five new vendors expected next Saturday! You can find something new every week.

Customers park in lot on South Elm. Vendors park in lot on West Jackson. Plenty of room and SAFE access for both.

These are just some of the reasons you should shop and or sell at The Hometown Market of Haughton.

Russell M.